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! Live streaming is complex and reliant on many factors out of our control !

Please be patient and help us to improve.

TRANSMISSIONS TV is committed to developing a de-centralised platform for streaming content that will in future not depend on extant corporate CDNs. In the meantime, please refer to this trouble-shooting guide to help navigate intermittent problems you may encounter with your device, browser or connection speed.

We use real time message RTMP ingest protocol combined with HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) to deliver the lowest latency multi-bitrate encoded stream possible at this time. This protocol replaces the Flash Media platform, and though widely supported, it is also subject to an eventual phasing out and/or limited support. As with all software and apps, older versions will create support issues as each strives to keep up with each other. Please ensure your browser apps are up to date. TRANSMISSIONS TV uses open source broadcasting software in order to mitigate reliance on proprietary technologies – however  …


The player is NOT set to AUTOPLAY. Please press the play button to begin receipt of the stream. You may also have to “unmute” and/or increase the volume on the icon slider.

! Web browsers behave differently ! If you are experiencing issues in the following browsers, please refer to the guides below. Links include solutions for OS, IOS, Android, and Windows and include basics for audio settings, cookie permissions, and cache dumping.


CHROME *the least problematic for TRANSMISSIONS:




TRANSMISSIONS TV hopes you also want to chat.

Open the cog to follow the user name prompt. Enter your details. Engage.

We archive the conversations 🙂

The chat can behave seemingly erractically. This can be caused by cookies and cache.

Normally, if you have visited TRANSMISSIONS broadcast in the past, your user name will be stored. This will depend on how you have instructed your browser to behave with data storage.

If you are experiencing problems, please ensure to empty cache before attending a TRANSMISSIONS online event.

PLEASE, if you are inspired to feedback, we would be grateful to learn of any problems you are experiencing.


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